We call out to all those individuals and collectives, committed to the values promoted by FairCoop, to participate in this Directory.
As an active participant and as local node of FairCoop, you can contribute to this Directory  by promoting it among your local contacts and in particular by finding shops that meet FairCoop principles and can integrate this cryptocurrency into daily use. We invite you to get involved in this action and start to visualize the network we are forming together!
As a merchant or collective, you can join accepting faircoin, joining that directory and start to make new economic system a reality! You help us to promote Faircoin among your local contacts, and we help you to spread your project via use.fair-coin.org.
As a user, stay tuned for updates of this website. You may also get ready to participate in Use Faircoin by following the steps bellow.
To start, you need to download a computer wallet.
To download the wallet, please follow the link: http://www.fair-coin.org/#wallet
You will find the wallet tutorial here:https://getfaircoin.net/tutorial/
To download the Android wallet, please go to the following link:https://fair.to/androidwallet
See a beta version of tutorial for the Android wallet here: Android wallet User’s Guide
You can buy some Faircoins in: http://getfaircoin.net to use when you want to shopping..
If you are a merchant register here  by filling in the application bellow. We recomend to follow this guide.